Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rib and Acetaminophen

Six days ago I leaned over the back of the front seat and reached down to retrieve a book from the door pocket.  It was a stretch and just as my fingertips touched the item they sought I heard the *snap* and knew instantly that I had cracked a rib.

It hurts more today than it did six days ago.  What did the doctor say?  I will tell you what he said.  I broke two ribs fifty-one years ago and went to the doctor who told me they would eventually heal, take two tylenol when the pain is too much to bear without them.  He charged me for the advice.

So certainly I did not go to the doctor this time.  Who said I don't learn from experience?

I am old and apparently brittle but I am not stupid.

Image result for cracked rib You may laugh now; excuse me if I don't join in.


Jim Grey said...

Yup, nothing the doctor can do for a cracked rib. Or a broken toe, either, in most cases. I've had both.

Secondary Roads said...

Wisdom is wonderful to possess. Why is it so expensive?

Grace said...

Holy carp - your rib just snapped? I can't even imagine.

vanilla said...

Jim, they are pretty good when "there's a pill for that." Oh, yes a pill for the pain in this case. ;-)

Chuck, it comes dearly, indeed. Sometimes the price is higher than mere cash.

Grace, sounds fishy, doesn't it? True though.

Vee said...

Wow! I hope your rib mends quickly.