Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Must have" gizmos--,320_.jpg=that absolutely no one needs.   imo


Lin said...

I just spent a week out of cell service....and what a glorious thing that was! Well...until a storm was rolling in and we didn't have radar or a radio to find details--a must-have for tent campers. We did refer to Joe's work cell, which did have service, for absolute emergencies, but otherwise, we survived just fine. I don't know how feasible it is in everyday life, but I do try to keep it at a minimum.

I like my fitbit. A necessity? Nope. But it helps me keep track of my movement each day and reminds me to move when I am at work.

I did not miss my computer or TV either.

Grace said...

15 years ago I could have used a smart phone but now I don't even need a stupid phone. My husband's family calls him on his cell (probably because they don't want to speak to me LOL) and they all are perturbed because they can't text him - I blocked the data function on our phones.

Secondary Roads said...

I don't wear or carry a watch. I do have one, but use it only when time is important, which is rarely.

vanilla said...

Lin, you do note that I did not say the things might not be nice to have; I merely said they are not necessary. And yes, I do know that some people have become so dependent on their mobile devices that their lives would be very "difficult" without them.

Grace, I like how you handle the phone problem, limiting its use to that of a telephone.

Chuck, I no longer wear a watch, either. I mean my cell phone is with me wherever I go and it is a clock. Don't you think that middle item looks totally like a pocketful of junk?