Monday, August 29, 2016

Meme. Mi, mi, mi, sol do

It has been a while since I have done one of these. Found this one on KCBob's blog.

Doesn't hurt to play a game occasionally nor to recall the past.  Here is vanilla's list.

    \/ Been Married

        Been Divorced
    \/ Fallen in love
    \/ Gone on a blind date
    \/ Skipped school
    \/ Been to Canada
    \/ Ridden in an ambulance
    \/ Been to Hawaii
    \/ Been to Europe
    \/ Been to Las Vegas
    \/ Been to Washington D.C
    \/ Been to Nashville
    \/ Visited Florida
    \/ Visited Mexico
    \/ Seen the Grand Canyon in person
    \/ Flown in a helicopter
    \/ Been on a cruise
    \/ Served on a jury
        Danced in the rain
    \/ Been to Los Angeles
    \/ Been to New York City
        Played in a band
     \/ Sang karaoke
     \/ Laughed so much you cried
        Laughed so hard you peed
    \/ Caught a snowflake on your tongue
    \/ Had children
    \/ Had a pet
    \/ Been sledding on big hill
        Been downhill skiing
        Been water skiing
    \/ Rode on a motorcycle
        Been on the Radio
        Traveled to all 50 states  (three to go)
        Jumped out of a plane
    \/ Been to a drive-in
    \/ Rode a Horse (if a pony counts)
       Been on TV
    \/ Been in the newspaper
    \/ Stayed in the Hospital
    \/ Donated blood
        Gotten a piercing
        Gotten a tattoo
        Been scuba diving
    \/ Got a speeding ticket (too many times)
    \/ Broken a bone
    \/ Gotten stitches
    \/ Traveled Alone

Make this meme your own. And let me know where to find your check marks. ツ


Grace said...

So I'm thinkin' dancing in the rain is NOT a guy thing...

vanilla said...

Grace, not unless one is Gene Kelly, perhaps.

KC Bob said...

Impressive list David. I need to update my list as I had not broken a bone until I feel and fractured my pelvis last Friday. :(

vanilla said...

KC Bob, I am so sorry you are suffering with that fracture. Praying quick healing and minimal pain. My cracked rib hurts less today than it did Saturday so I will take it that I am 'on the mend.'

KC Bob said...

Thanks David. I was lucky/blessed to not need surgery. Also happy that my wife had a spare motorized chair to help me get around. ツ

Vee said...

No tattoo or piercings? A native Colorado guy should have at least one piercing and a tattoo or two.

vanilla said...

Vee, always have believed that seven holes in my head is quite enough.