Friday, September 2, 2016


West side of Square, Tipton, Indiana
 Picture not dated but doubtless more than a century ago.

Picture September 1, 2016

The first picture is hanging in the store which currently occupies the red brick building.  It is a somewhat faded sepia print and the above is the best reproduction I could make.

The second picture was taken Thursday afternoon.  I tried to replicate the scene from the past and missed a little bit.  But note the wall around the courthouse lawn.  The first building that shows on the right side of the top picture does not show in the recent picture because it is no longer there.  Parking lot and outdoor displays for the merchant occupying the building.  Note, too, that utility poles are prominent in both pictures, yet they are different.

Traffic signals  were introduced sometime between the making of the two pictures, yet I would guess that if someone who lived in Tipton in 1916 were dropped down to view today's scene they would know where they were.  Might be both amazed and appalled.  The first reaction because of the obvious changes, the second at how little commerce is actually conducted in this formerly hopping and busy locale.  (You know, malls and automobiles.)

Heads up! Tipton's 48th annual Pork Festival will take place right here on the square next week, Thursday September 8; Friday September 9; Saturday September 10.  Be there.


Friday night, 9 o'clock.


Grace said...

It's still a nice little town. And YAY for the pork festival...

vanilla said...

Grace, that it is.