Monday, January 19, 2015


W. F. Drown and D. W. Lacy

During the years my father, D. W. Lacy, was President of Colorado Springs Bible College, gathering food and provisions to feed students and staff was a high priority.  The school acquired an old Ford two and one-half ton truck, military surplus, which was used in this endeavor.  Someone painted the vehicle black to cover the standard olive drab and thus, to some extent, disguise its origins.

Each fall the truck made a trip to Palisades, Colorado to get a load of peaches.  These were brought back to the school's kitchen where volunteers prepared and canned them for use over the winter.  My mother was always one of those workers.

The vehicle also made an annual trip to Saguache, Colorado to get a load of potatoes which were then sorted and stored in the produce cellars in the hillside next to the dining hall.

I recall as a thirteen-year old boy, making such a trip as ride-along to Dad, basically dead weight, but what memories for me!  Coming back from the Western Slope, middle of the night, the truck groaning and laboring in granny to get the load up the pass, I lying atop the peaches listening to the rur-rur-rur of the machine.

In the picture above we see Mr. Drown who was Rocky Mountain District Superintendent and a member of the school board, along with the President of the school, working outside the kitchen to prepare the produce.


Lin said...

Wow--your dad was quite the president! Can you imagine anyone doing that today? Let alone the president of the college?

So, I wonder---were you eating the peaches as you rode along? And do you think of that trip every time you bite into a peach?:)

Vee said...

Palisade - best peaches anywhere!

The level of commitment to ministry is not the same now.

Grace said...

How wonderful you have all these old photos - I have photo-envy.

vanilla said...

Lin, Dad was always one who seeing a task to be done, jumped in to help get it done. Simply doing what had to be done. Yes, I noshed some peaches, and yes, a fresh peach will recall these experiences.

Vee, those were wonderful fruit. My favorite here is the Red Haven. Early and quickly gone, but luscious. Do you remember the "white peaches" at the Dale Street place?

Grace, As a kid I somehow acquired an old 120 box camera and was fortunate enough to get a few "shots" and to still have some prints.

Sharkbytes said...

Great picture! Looks like an archeological expedition instead of a food foray.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, it does look as though they are digging in the dirt.

Secondary Roads said...

I like what Sharkey said. It was my reaction to the photo.

vanilla said...

Chuck, the picture doesn't fully convey the message, but I do believe it is peach-paring. And I think W.F. is offering encouragement more than peeling.