Wednesday, January 14, 2015

History and Geography...

...which the schools years ago lumped together with civics and economics and called it "social studies."  The state of the world today is testimony to the outcome of that.  Perhaps.  Just a thought.

But that is not why I chose the title.  Rather, it has to do with this picture.  There will be a test.


1.  Where was the picture taken?
2.  Within six years, when was the picture taken?  (Credit if you can name the decade.)
3.  Who is the individual in the picture?  (That's a gimme.)
4.  What would you call those trousers?  (If you didn't laugh out loud, you really didn't look.)

The snapshot was made at the Royal Gorge, Colorado.  The subject is standing on the north rim of the gorge, west of the bridge.  It was 1977.  My eldest child, Ann, had just completed her Associates Degree and her sister, Ivy, had received her High School Diploma.  Daddy took them to Colorado for a celebration.  We left the mother and brothers back home.  Not sure now how we got away with that.

We also did Colorado Springs, the Air Force Academy, Canon City and Leadville.  We had a night near Idaho Springs that was so cold we had to abandon the tent and sleep in the car.  On the way home, our tent was blown away by a violent storm in Salina, Kansas.  What fun!


Pearl said...

San Fran? Boulder? No, wait, don't tell me...

That's the 60s.

That's you!

Are those "elephant legs" pants?! (Seriously, there were elephant pants...)


vanilla said...

Pearl, nice try. You found the answers after the jump. "Elephant pants" is as good as anything; I called them "flares." The style perhaps dates me to the 60s. It was actually '77. But then I always have run a bit behind, stylewise. "Be not the first by whom the new are tried. . ."

Grace said...

Geography not my best subject - one wants to say California but I think not. I would have called the pants bell bottoms popular in the '60's. But I looked it up and late-60's fashions carried over into the '70's. Yes they were called 'flare'. Elephant leg pants were much fuller and straight - I don't think men wore them. So aside from #3 - I got the answers all wrong.

vanilla said...

Grace, we thank you for playing along. Then you got the additional fun of studying archaic fashions!

Vee said...

How old was Ellie in this picture? I think she worked outside of the U.S. when she was young, but the labels indicate Colorado and the Royal Gorge.

Sharkbytes said...

I knew it was the 70s, but do not know that bridge. I call that decade a fashion statement that should be forgotten. It would have taken a lot of fabric to make those for you, Mr. Tall One. (I used to sew for a living)

vanilla said...

Shark, I know the bridge well; lived eight miles from it when a child. Walked across it numerous times. The bridge deck is 1054 feet from the water.

My beloved used to sew for a living, too! At one time she was employed by a Singer retail store to teach sewing.