Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Think-piece for Sunday Morning

Our pally Lin who feeds the duck and turns the wheel over at Duck and Wheel with String has written a wonderful and thoughtful piece about her reflections on the season as she repacks Christmas decor and puts it away.

Rather than comment on the essay, I commend it to you, suggesting you click on over there, forthwith.

Cast your burden on the Lord,
    and he will sustain you;
he will never permit
    the righteous to be moved.
             --Psalm  55:22 RSV


Grace said...

It was indeed an excellent post and beautifully written.

Lin said...

Aw, you are too kind. I will admit to struggling a bit lately, but I think I write better when I suffer. ;)

Your posts of late and your quote today help me more than you know.

vanilla said...

Grace, we are in agreement on that!

Lin, not at all too kind. You did good. And you are too kind.

Secondary Roads said...

I look forward to the trials and tribulations (aka humor) that Lin shares with her readers.

vanilla said...

Chuck, Lin is good at seeing the humor in most situations. She expresses her thoughts beautifully.

Sharkbytes said...

She did well! The righteous may not be moved, but they can be shaken up a bit.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, true. Even the righteous may get their teeth rattled on occasion.