Saturday, January 17, 2015

More Adventures in the World of Health Care

In the nephrologist's office today we sat opposite this wall.  What, BBBH wondered, is going on behind that door?  We found out when an attendant came out to call the next patient.  She left the door open long enough, more than long enough, three or four minutes, for us to see that inside people were undergoing hemodialysis.  Beautiful was not encouraged by this.

But to my issue.  I am not obsessive compulsive, but my first glance at the wall impelled me to move forward in my seat, intent on straightening that mess.  I am not afflicted with OCD.  But before I could rise, I saw that it was not just the stuff pinned to the wall, but horrors! it was the stuff attached to and built into the wall as well.  I am not anal retentive, but this sort of things drives me nuts.  Good thing I am not obsessive compulsive.

So then we had an hour-long chat with the doctor.  There is no dialysis in the immediate future, but there were some suggestions to improve the quality of life.  God bless physicians.

Before we left I had to snap this picture in an anteroom.  To someone's credit, there was a sign on the chair reading "Please do not sit in chair."
I showed the picture to BBBH and said, What is wrong with this picture?
She told me almost instantly.  My woman is not only beautiful, she is very observant.  Smart, too.


Vee said...

Dislike the news, but am glad you have access to good health care.

I have to wonder what kind of bad day the the person who assembled that rocker was having. I've have some not great projects on bad days, but they weren't so permanent.

Secondary Roads said...

If you do sit in the chair, don't lean back. Ever!

Lin said...

That wall would have driven me crazy. I admire your ability to walk away from it.

What was the point of the chair? Was there a message attached? Maybe I am scarred by too many years in HR, but I see "liability" written all over that bad boy. I'm sure there are those who don't bother to read the sign. Yikes.

I'm JoAnn has options still. I pray for her that dialysis is a long way off.

vanilla said...

Vee, my projects don't always turn out well, either. But I will do them over, or discard them.

Chuck, that would get one a seriously conked pate, for sure.

Lin, isn't that wall just a nightmare? Would have taken a toolkit and a half-day to fix it. First, a workman accepts "good enough" then it slides into "what the heck?" As for the chair, I'm with you. I think I would not put it on public display, even with the sign, barring a fence around it.

Grace said...

I would have had to change my seat - it wouldn't have taken very long for the twitching to set in.

Not happy to hear dear BBBH is having such health problems, glad to hear there are less invasive options.

vanilla said...

Grace, the irony is that the seats where lined in a row against the opposite wall. Shutting the eyes was the only relief. But. Like a scab, I seemed to keep picking at it.

Thank you for caring.

Sharkbytes said...

But of course, the chair was made that way so the rockers won't damage the wall behind it! Hope you get good news for the future.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, of all the people who looked at that picture, you were the only one to figure it out. Leave it to the engineer. Well done. ;-)