Monday, July 14, 2014

Off to the Fair!

 Where have we been?
We've been to the fair!

 To the fair?
What saw we there?
Little Lamancha goats.
Aren't they cute?
No ears.
And lots of other animals, ovine, bovine, porcine, and feathered.

Then after Sunday brunch we return to the car
to find this little green passenger awaiting a ride.
Green?  I have seen black spiders, and brown, grey spiders and white.  
But green?  Not until now.

The American Lamancha is a breed of dairy goat.  While most goats have long, droopy ears, Lamanchas have a mere button on each side of the head.


Grace said...

I love fairs of all kinds - miss going to them - not a lot around here. I've seen green spiders - less eek-producing than black or brown ones - colors so dominate our reactions, don't they.

Vee said...

Fairs are a lot of fun and in Indiana they are the best. I hear that a food choice at your state fair is fried butter. That's probably an okay choice since calories at fairs don't count. Those who indulge, though, need to give their hearts incoming fat notices.

vanilla said...

Grace, color does influence our emotions and visceral reactions.

Vee, no midway for me. Dad taught me to avoid those games, and my body has taught me to avoid the food booths. So it is the animal shows, equipment shows, stage shows for me.
Went to the goat judging this morning.

Secondary Roads said...

A nice shot of your fair lady!

vanilla said...

Chuck, she loves the animals. Even thinks the hogs are "cute." Says the bovines are "huge" though.

Sharkbytes said...

Funny looking goats. I think I like ears. I think I like the looks of the alpine goats best.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, I'm with you; I rather expect my goats to have ears. The Alpines were no doubt the "prettiest" goats at the fair.