Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Back to the Fair

 Upon a day not long ago, 
and here I am only guessing,
a red hen laid the perfect egg.
It hatched.
A chick.
It scratched.
It ate and grew. 
It morphed.
A rooster.

Now the perfect bird.
Mr. Rhode Island Red
is judged.
A win!
 A blue ribbon
on his pen.

 I got out and about fairly early so I could be present at the goat judging.  It is only fitting that an Old Goat whose bones and tissues developed on milk of the goat would find this of interest.

 Young Garrett here with one of his does and one of his many ribbons of the morning.
In two classes he won both Champion and Reserve Champion.  Also this Alpine doe won in two classes, 2yr old milk doe and with her kid as Mother and Daughter.

An entertaining morning for me, and a great bicycle ride to and from the Fairgrounds!


Vee said...

Another day of entertainment. It's nice that you live where you can ride a bike to events.

Grace said...

I'm with Vee - bicycling distance to fun stuff - what a treat.

Goat milk was a big thing for human babies back when I was a baby - or maybe it was just an Italian thing? Mediterraneans tend to be lactose intolerant and goat's milk was more easily digested than cow's milk.

Secondary Roads said...

What a great way to spend a day. And you can support the kids -- and their kids.

Sharkbytes said...

Fun- I've enjoyed some fairs. Tend to avoid ours- BIG crowds

vanilla said...

Vee, another of the many benefits of small-town living.

Grace, during four years of my early life I was goat-milk fed. I believe it was a matter of economics: the goat ate anything, gave edible product in return; upkeep minimal. I was unaware of the higher level of lactose intolerance among Mediterranean peoples. I did know that goat milk is generally more easily digested.

Chuck, it was fun as I wandered through to be stopped by people who were my students and were there now to support their children and, should I say it, grandchildren, in their 4-H endeavors.

Sharkey, I understand your observation. I am not so good with people in large numbers as I am with fewer of them at a time! Perhaps explains why most of my fair time was spent in swine and goat barns, not on the fairway or in the expo buildings.