Thursday, July 3, 2014

Aaron Gets Home

Did I ever tell you how Aaron Moss make his trip to Virginia after I tell him "no"?  Waal, I bleeve I tell you Moss was some mad when he left here.  I tell him check for trains, 'n I learn much later thet he drive on in to Lamar to do jest thet.  He park his Ford by the depot, 'n is walkin' over to the agent when he run inta Estel Estep.  Then I get the story from Estel when I take Grace over to town to get some yard goods, 'n "notions," as she call 'em.

"Hidy, Uncle Jep!" say Estel as I was astandin' afront th' Mercantile.  I am surely glad to run into you, on account I been needin' to see you.  Not on'y do I have a tale to tell, I have a package for you under the back seat the car.  Can we walk on over and get hit?  There, the Reo, just yonder."  He points.

"Sure, Estel, I'll walk with ya.  Needin' sump'n ta pass the time.  How you?  Marcy?"

"Oh, just swell, Uncle.  We come in from McClave this mornin', Marcy doin' some shoppin'.  You know how it is with the ladies.  Now see, it was the middle July when I run inta Aaron.  He tell me his daddy die, 'n he wantin' to get home.  "Wouldn' be a chance you could drive me over to Clinchport, would there?"  he says.  "I'd pay fer the gas and th' eats on the road."

Well, now.  Marcy had jes' been on me about she wantin' to see her mama, an' I been a draggin' my feet.  Opportunity often knock on'y one time.  I say, "Why, Aaron, I am glad you ask.  Marcy 'n me would be glad to carry you over to Clinchport.  What say we leave, five of a mornin'?"

"I spare you the details, but we got our campin' gear together, tie four spare tires to the top, 'n take off for the hills.  It warn't twel we were on the road thet Aaron start in on you.  'Dod busted, dad blasted, ding blamed. . . 'n on and on. . .  cheapskate, miserable ol' Coot."  Man, you musta really rub his fur the wrong way!"

"Waal." says I, "if you spend long enough time to get him to Virginny and back, then there is nothin' I could tell you thet you don't already know."  Estel roared with laughter.

Estel continue with his report.  "So we get to the hills, Aaron look up his sister, 'n she's no spring chicken.  Did Aaron tell you his pa was over a hunnert when he die?  Yep, had ta be, too, on account Mavis gotta be more'n eighty.  Well, they two 'n 'm gonna take care they pa's bidness, 'n we will pick the old man up on Monday-- four days down the road.

"Then as we are standin' aside the car sayin' our farewells to Mavis, she hand a package to Aaron and say, 'Please to take this to Jep Miller, Brother.  There are some little things there for him, and for Grace, too.'  'Har!' snort Aaron.  'Take it with ya when ya die, 'n give it to him in Hell!'  He drop the package on the ground, scoot around and get in the car.

Long story short, I pick up the package an' sneak it into a spare tire, then later when we a campin' the night, I hid hit under the back seat.  Here, I'll get it for ya."

"Waal, I thank ya most kindly, Estel.  I'll let Mavis know we got hit.  Most likely Grace is done shoppin' by now, 'n here come Marcy, too."  Tip my hat.  "Howdy, Ma'am.  Fine day, idn't hit?

"Oh, by the by, Estel, did Aaron ever thank you fer the trip?"

"He did, Uncle.  Paid all the expenses, too, and give me a exter five dollar bill when I drop him ta home."

© 2014 David W. Lacy 37


Vee said...

No spring chicken - haven't heard that one in a spell.

vanilla said...

Vee, "in a spell." There's one I need to work in somewhere. Thanks.

Sharkbytes said...

Funny, how such ordinary doings can be so funny!

vanilla said...

Sharkey, people are funny, and ordinary people are no exception.