Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Diggin' Up Bones

Old papers, letters, notebooks, clippings, accumulate over time.  One stumbles onto occasional reminders of the past he has lived.  I came across a "Li'l Fat Notebook," 4 x 5.5., in which I had scribbled numerous things several years ago.  There are recorded therein a number of chess games I played with friend Marvin long ago.  And near the back, I found this little nostalgic piece.  This was written eleven years ago.  So this is today's layer of nostalgia painted atop nostalgia of yesteryear.

*Third page, fifth line, "reminiscences."
^Third page, last line.  I've not "done it again," though I talked with three or four of the people within the past week.


Sharkbytes said...

Very good writing. My school was not quite that small, but nearly so. They now have an all-school reunion. I know this because I'm on the mailing list and in the Facebook group. But I'll never go back. I'm not really interested in finding out if they've mellowed or are still as cruel as small towns can be. Several of the people I considered somewhat friends are dead already. I've reconnected with a guy whom I could have been friends with back then if we hadn't both been so impossibly gun-shy of relationships. Nerds were really stomped on back then.

Vee said...

Interesting entry. My opinion is that, when someone pretends not to know classmates who were together daily in that small of a setting, they will either soon be diagnosed with dreaded "A" or they are pretentious and want all of the attention. It's all about them. The latter would mean they came to a party for one.

But, like I stated, that's my opinion.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, nerds didn't have a prayer. But check out who are the happiest amongst the crowd fifty years down the road! Also, sometimes when I get too immersed in the "look back" I remind myself that it is only in looking forward that life can be said to be "lived."

Vee, your analysis may be correct. Certainly "A" is a possibility for many of a certain age; and there shall always be the "me only" types among us.