Tuesday, July 15, 2014

White Tail

 This fox squirrel of the white tail likes to forage beneath our bird feeder.  That is, when the feeder is empty, else he would be hanging on the chain, head down, eating from the feeder itself.
 The first three pictures I snapped through the screen and at a considerable distance.  Then I ventured into the yard where the beastie kindly posed.  But then the dog followed me out, and Squirrel was instantly gone.  Dog never saw it.

Some years ago, we had a partial albino robin in our yard.  I posted a picture here.  I did not take the photo.

I spotted this "wild life" as I was walking across the back yard early in the morning.  See the little deer there to the right of the downspout?  Neither did BBBH.  She said, "That is nothing but a whirligig in front of a rock."  But I still see the deer.


Vee said...

Your pictures could become even more interesting if a red fox happened upon that little squirrel.

I have to agree with better half about the deer.

Secondary Roads said...

A few years back we had an albino robin here in the neighborhood. Several of the neighbors also reported sightings. After a couple of months it disappeared.

How could anyone miss the deer?

Grace said...

Maybe he's just an elderly squirrel...going grey.

vanilla said...

Vee, oh, no! Don't need that sort of action shot. The deer is there.

Chuck, good. You see it too. The gals are so literal sometimes.

Grace, I understand that white tail is not all that uncommon among the squirrel people. Some give birth to white-tail offspring. Doesn't seem to be confined to one type of squirrel, though our example is a fox squirrel.

Sharkbytes said...

I see and like the deer. A friend has had one of those two-toned squirrels on FB, and I had one on my blog last year. They are strange. Do I know that whirlygig?

vanilla said...

Sharkey, you do know that whirlygig, and I thank you! The tired old octogenarian hasn't finished with his thank you notes yet, but know that I appreciate the package and its contents! I am so pleased that you see the deer!