Monday, August 12, 2013

#:3& in the Morning

The irresplendent pink unicorn landed in front of me, folded its wings, and skidded to a stop.  “In what manner may I resist you?” he asked.

“Be away with you, you rhinosterous pseudoequine phantasmagorical fig pudding of my imagination,” I shouted.

“And to think,” the Unicorn replied sweetly, “I was ready to desist you from this slime-pit in which you swallow.  Tsk, tsk.”

At the gutterance of the word “swallow” there alighted on the sparkling horn of the beast a small middish bird with forked tail.  “You sang?  I assist you, beak and caul.”

“Explain,” said the imaginary beast, “to this hard-polled ninny that our efforts can distract him from these pickles into which he has fallen.”

“Your good will, Sirrah, is all that is required,” said the Swallow.  “We insist to be of surface.”

And at the squeaking of the word “surface,” aghast fixture opened beneath the creatures, and both were engorged in a trice.

I opened my left eye and peered through the blur of sheep captive within it.  The green numerals on the bedside clock looked like this:  #:3&

It would be mere hours before time to rise.  And shine.  But right now I gotta pee.  Really bad.


Secondary Roads said...

Wow! Some dream. What did you have for a bed-time snack?

I can so relate to the last two paragraphs. Probably a common experience for others of the male persuasion.

Grace said...

That was a funny bit - a bit of funny...

Shelly said...

Now that's some dream!

Lin said...

Oh, I hate it when you have to make a potty stop during a dream. :(

vanilla said...

Chuck, I don't remember what I ate before bed, but I'm sure it was something-- nearly always is! And yes, I am aware that the problem is not unique to this guy.

Grace, thanks; sometimes we might just as well laugh, or at least chuckle. I do like horsing around with words sometimes, even if the result is only nonsense.

Shelly, craziness.

Lin, yeah, and all too seldom there is no continuation to the feature. Yet sometimes, that is lucky.

vanilla said...

Lin, I think I meant to say "all too often" or, perhaps I'll try to be less hasty in framing my comments?