Wednesday, August 14, 2013

From Vanilla's Clipboard

A wind farm is up and running in our county. Another has received approval, but protests the limitations set by the duly authorized government agencies from which approval is required.

Thousands upon thousands of words have been submitted to the local newspaper as "Letters to the Editor."

The discussion has progressed, naturally, given that it is an argument amongst human beings, from reasoned debate based on findings of fact to ad hominem attacks on citizens with whom we have  all lived for decades.

This is probably the most divisive issue that has arisen here in a half century, and perhaps ever.  STSTT does not purport to be the voice of reason, presenting the solution to the problem and making everyone happy.  There is sufficient wrong-headedness on both sides to go around.  We need not add to the clamor.

I am sad.  Present me no arguments for or against "green energy."  Instead, if you can, reassure me that people are basically reasonable, good, and altruistic, being concerned for the welfare of all.  Currently, I have my doubts.
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