Wednesday, August 14, 2013

From Vanilla's Clipboard

A wind farm is up and running in our county. Another has received approval, but protests the limitations set by the duly authorized government agencies from which approval is required.

Thousands upon thousands of words have been submitted to the local newspaper as "Letters to the Editor."

The discussion has progressed, naturally, given that it is an argument amongst human beings, from reasoned debate based on findings of fact to ad hominem attacks on citizens with whom we have  all lived for decades.

This is probably the most divisive issue that has arisen here in a half century, and perhaps ever.  STSTT does not purport to be the voice of reason, presenting the solution to the problem and making everyone happy.  There is sufficient wrong-headedness on both sides to go around.  We need not add to the clamor.

I am sad.  Present me no arguments for or against "green energy."  Instead, if you can, reassure me that people are basically reasonable, good, and altruistic, being concerned for the welfare of all.  Currently, I have my doubts.


Lin said...

We just came out of a very ugly mayoral race in our community. It was sad to see how nasty things had turned--making attacks and threatening (seriously) others. I was ashamed, and still am, to be a part of this community. To see such small minds working in such a way--all for what? a small village political job and a wee bit of "power?"

I had to avoid the village FB page and put my interest elsewhere to find peace.

I hope your community can rise above the nastiness and move forward.

Jim said...

And yet, we are to bear with one another in love. If they don't do it, we have to.

sailorcurt said...

Instead, if you can, reassure me that people are basically reasonable, good, and altruistic, being concerned for the welfare of all.

I think that this is sort of the basis of Christianity, is it not?

We are NOT all basically reasonable, good and altruistic. Left to our own devices we are sinful, egotistical, narcissistic, self-centered jerks.

Only through the grace of God can we be converted from such, into reasonable, good and altruistic people.

Our current societal mores look down upon religion in general and Christianity in particular and our society has suffered as a result.

Granted, the problems are much more complex than that, but I think much of the root of our societal ills stems from the fact that we can no longer, in any realistic manner, be counted as a "Christian" society.

"Love your neighbor as yourself" is no longer our creed. Our creed is now "hate your neighbor if he disagrees with you, since anyone who disagrees with you is obviously either stupid, ignorant, or outright evil".

vanilla said...

Lin, we so hope the community rises above it and moves on. On a side note, it might be nice if not so many windmills were rising above us.

Jim, you are so right. Being called to love the unlovable and the unloving, though, is a task we can only accomplish through God's love for us.

Sailorcurt, I certainly believe your analysis is correct. Jeremiah said,
"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" But Christ can change it!