Friday, August 16, 2013

A Morning at the Mid-America Threshing and Antique Show

Demonstration of well-drilling equipment, hit-and-miss engine.

 Massey-Harris was the featured equipment of this year's show.

 There's a tractor name with which I am not familiar.

 One of my favorite pieces.

 Wonder how many arms were snapped by that crank.

 First tractor I ever drove was an Oliver much like this one.

 I am fascinated by pop-and-spin engines.  These Sandwich engines are very cool!

 Someone came to the show of vintage equipment in his vintage pickup.

 Minneapolis-Moline logo.

 A nice line of golden M-Ms.

 Look at that steam engine!

 Perhaps the coolest logo.

This Massey-Harris was my pick of the featured brand.  It is not restored; it is well-used and shows it.  It has been lovingly cared for, though, for she could still pull a plow!


Jim said...

Even though I'm an Oliver man, I agree: the Case logo is just cool.

Shelly said...

My dad and husband love antique tractors, and I have a great appreciation of them. Oh, the stories these machines could tell-

Vee said...

More evidence of fun in a rural area.

vanilla said...

Jim, Oliver is a sentimental favorite with me because of my early experiences with farm equipment.

Shelly, there would be a story behind each of those old timers.

Vee, the pace is slow and the livin' is easy.

Secondary Roads said...

Tractors and steam engines are always fun. A fellow about seven or eight miles from here has a steam powered saw mill. I've seen it in operation--very impressive and more than a little bit dangerous.

vanilla said...

Chuck, guy at this show had a sawmill set up and ripping away. I wasn't getting within fifty feet of the thing! Had a great grandfather who owned a sawmill. Amazing that I even exist.