Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Strolling Along

The story of the railroad in Rockport.

 That's right.  The sea is right over there.

 No tracks anywhere.

 Along the waterfront.

A little farther along. 

We are having a nice walk.

 A bit windy, but a great day on foot.

About here I said to BBBH, "Be sure to tell me when you've gone half as far as you can go."  Couple more blocks when I heard, "That's it!"


Shelly said...

We've got a depot like that here; more a museum now than anything else. That was a wise thing to look out for- half as far as you can go!

Secondary Roads said...

Looks like y'all had a pleasant walk. No walks or hikes in my near future, but I enjoy reading about them and seeing your pictures too.

Grace said...

Love your hat!

vanilla said...

Shelly, the station here is privately owned and used as an office.

Chuck, we're pulling for you and hope walks are not in the too distant future!

Grace, thank you. BBBH bought that for me several years ago.

Sharkbytes said...

Looks like a pretty space. I'm always sad when the railroads are gone. I read the sign.

Lin said...

Hey! Look! It's a cowboy!! ;)

No walking here lately--too cold. :) But that's okay...I'm still cooling off from last summer.

vanilla said...

Shark, all things, they say, have their day; but I find it sad that the day of the railways has passed into history.

Lin, I don't do walks in the cold anymore. Cool, maybe.