Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Bike, A Special Toy

BBBH, as guest blogger for this Lord’s Day, has chosen to give you one of her poems.

My Bike, a Special Toy

Though riding my bike is easy to do
It helps my soul with-in renew
With a healing breeze refreshing my face
I ride along at a nice even pace
Hearing the Whippoorwill sing his song
For memories of childhood, sometimes I long

Or riding alone, at morning’s first light
I see flocks of geese, in perfect flight
Sometimes riding, just before dusk,
Hearing the locust croaking in lust
Reminds me of a lazier time
When bread could be bought for just a dime

Feeling the sunrays hot on my back
It’s already warm at dawn’s first crack,
Soothing my soul with soft inner peace
Riding my bike is like a fabulous feast

Feeling the breeze rumple my hair
Out by a lake, in imagination, I am there
At such times, I yearn for an earlier day
As I watch little children laugh and play
Sharing the ride with another or riding alone
The joy of my inner-child, is ever strong.

I’ve even been caught out in the rain
Stopped at a corner by a slow moving train
But I’m so thankful for these special rides
They help my heart deal with changing tides

As I ride beside a little stream
Life goes on like a changing dream
Pearls of life, like beads are strung
But in my Spirit, I am ever young
I thank the Lord for this simple joy
Even grown-ups, can enjoy this special toy

Psalm 103:5
Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things, so that thy youth is renewed like the eagles’. 

© Grace JoAnn Harrison Lacy, Gifts from God, p.98, 1995, 2013


Shelly said...

This is a wonderful poem, and one that evokes beautiful imagery. Thank you for sharing it with us and taking us to those special memories of childhood~

Vee said...

Beautiful poem by your beautiful lady.

vanilla said...

Shelly, thank you. I will share your comment with the author!

Vee, she will enjoy knowing that you enjoyed it.