Monday, February 11, 2013

Gorgeous Redhead, Exotic Voice

I'll say it again:  1934 was a very good year.

Tatiana Josivovna Chermova  Blacker was born in New York City, Februrary 11, 1934.

Her career included nightclub singer, recording artist, film actress, stage actress, television actress.

She currently lives in the city of her nativity.

Happy Birthday, Miss Louise.


Shelly said...

Happy birthday to her- did not know that was her given name!

Jackie said...

Happy bithday to her and thank you for posting this.

I had no idea she was this talented. I love this style music and will definitely try to find more videos featuring her!

vanilla said...

Shelly, I didn't know either; had to look it up.

Jackie, she is a very talented singer and has a haunting voice quality. Unfortunately for her, she is mostly known for one role she played on TV.