Saturday, February 23, 2013

Charlie's Pasture

We had a really nice ride along the water's edge to visit this nature preserve.

Port Aransas developed this area, with new walking trails, board walks over the salt flats, observation tower, and pavilion, as a nature preserve.  The work took place over the last four years.  It is a wonderful excursion, even if the wildlife observed on a given day is limited to woolly bears and dolphins.

The area is almost two square miles of land.  the designation "Charlie's Pasture" is in recognition of early owner Charlie Bujan who
allowed the local residents to graze their cattle on his property.

BBBH is strolling toward the water.  There were a couple of fishermen enjoying the afternoon there, and this is where we watched the dolphins swimming through the pass.


Shelly said...

Great pics and scenes that are warmly familiar to me!

Secondary Roads said...

My my how you have to suffer. ;)

Snow here today. Sylvia's Sunday School kids are loving it as they prepare to go sledding.

Grace said...

Nu, so where are the pictures of the dolphins??

vanilla said...

Shelly, it a truly wonderful spot on the Lord's Earth!

Chuck, ain't it awful?

Grace, actually, I tried and failed to get dolphin pictures. Most of them displayed only the dorsal fin and the topside, and I wasn't quick enough.

Sharkbytes said...

Sounds like an ecosystem that would be slightly different from ones I know. I'd like it.

vanilla said...

Shark, you would indeed find some interesting curiosities in this neighborhood!

Lin said...

I like the wooly worm!

vanilla said...

Lin, good. You found something you like.