Friday, February 8, 2013

Serenity and Aggravation

Yesterday's post provided a few pictures of our trip to the Island on Tuesday.  We picked the absolute most perfect day for time on the beach.  You may note the long sleeves and wonder, but trust me.  It was 78 degrees and yet the breeze from the sea gave us a cool experience.  Late in the afternoon, the fog drifted in, completely obscuring the pier a few hundred yards to the south.

Our ferry ride back to the mainland was quite unlike the trip over, for the first crossing was in sparkling sunlight, the second, not so much.  I mentioned that we could stop at the grocery to fill the short list of needs, but that we had to get hooked up before seven so I could watch NCIS.  But...

We arrived back at our home base, hooked up and...

No power.  I notified the camp host who showed up with tools and testing equipment.  A number of neighbors, old guys, dropped by as well.  We old guys are helpful like that.  Determination: problem is my connecting cord, wire near molded plug has broken.

Allen next door says, "I'll take you to Wallyworld, see if they have one."  They didn't.  Ace was closed, and O'Reilly doesn't carry such stuff.  Back at the campground, Allen hooked me up with an extension through the window so I "wouldn't have to go without morning coffee."  Thanks, Allen.

Somewhere in the night, three-thirty or four, it started to rain.  And it rained.  And rained.
Then around nine when I was up and ready to ride the bike in search of part, oh, Noah, didn't it rain! Well, there was finally a break and I bicycled to Camper Clinic where I obtained part.  You guessed it.  Before I got home...  Okay, I was  a little damp, but I did the necessary repair and we have power again.

Yet, the really fun part has yet to be told.  While we old guys were fooling around with the electrical box outside, BBBH went to the fridge to make preparation for supper.  She opened the door and it fell off.  Lower hinge, plastic of course, had broken.  No lady was injured in this episode.  We still have condiments and milk in the fridge in the rec hall.

After lunch I biked to Carquest where I obtained epoxy repair kit.  I hope that worked.  We'll find out about 5:30!*

Oh, the joys of the RV life.  If you are already doing it, you know what I mean.  If you are thinking about it in your future, think on some of these things.  Not that I want to discourage you from the fulfillment of a dream.

*Seems to be holding; groceries rescued and brought home.  Oh, and I didn't mention that the humidity was so high in here that the GFCI for the outlets kept tripping.  That's resolved now, too, via the expediency of less moisture in the air.


Jim Grey said...

Ah, such problems we have here in the first world! :-)

Shelly said...

You certainly got your exercise biking! That rain was a sight to behold. Glad that everything broken is mended and working~

Vee said...

Sounds as though you had an exciting (well, annoying) day.

We recently met a couple who moved here from Texas. They purchased a motor home shortly after arriving with idea of tooling around during their retirement and seeing the.sights. After a year, the never used the vehicle is for sale. Apparently some people don't even have the skills needed to get those things out of the driveway. That would, no doubt, be us.

vanilla said...

Jim, right; and it is only temporary!

Shelly, the rain may have slaked the thirst of the earth a bit, refilled some tanks. It was good.

Vee, people probably ought to spend a week with an RV before buying one. Can we get a good deal on that one? Assuming it is not one of those megabuck jobs.

Grace said...

No it's never been my dream to live in a motor vehicle (and did you mean aggravation with an 'a" not an 'e' ?)

Jackie said...

Oh my you did have quite the day. I use to dream of the RV life.

But, after years of traveling all over in the big truck I have lost that desire.

I am so so glad no one got hurt and that everything is fixed up.

Happy weekend! :-)

vanilla said...

Jackie, no doubt over the road trucking would cure a desire for RVing.
Happy weekend to you, too!

Grace, I had never heard of aggravation with an "e" and had no idea what you meant. Until I looked again at the title, I mean. Now how did that get in there? Thanks.

Vee said...

Vanilla, the price our friends have set on it is the same price they purchased it for three years ago. They say they have no plans to take a loss. Good luck to them on that!

Sharkbytes said...

Plastic hinges sounds like a toy model. Say, you must have trouble standing up in an RV.