Saturday, February 2, 2013


We had a pitch-in, or potluck, or carry-in whichever you call it in your neck of the woods.  The event was held in the "Rec Hall."  I have mentioned before that I think these parks designate their social center this way because they cater to "wrecks."

But enough of that.  Adorning the interior walls are bulletin boards, pictures of fish, and other artistic creations.  I could not lean far enough over the table to get a "square" shot of this item, but it interested me.  In what way, you might ask, did I find it interesting?  Right; it portrays some old "Victorian" painted lady from a bygone era.  I've seen lots of them for real.  They are interesting to look at, but I'd never want to live in one.  Thinking about the utility bills alone is enough to deter me from such desires.  Then the maintenance.  But never mind.

The reason the picture "interested" me is this.  My mind being of a mathematical bent anyway, wandered to the questions 1) How many stitches are in that thing?  2) How long would it take for someone to install those stitches? and 3) Why ever would she want to do it?

The first two questions remain a puzzle.  But my mind has been satisfied as to an answer to the third.  Everyone engages in something that puzzles others.  I mean, I blog.


Shelly said...

Very interesting musings. As one who is more of a "words" bent and thoroughly uncomfortable with numbers, my thoughts upon seeing that are wondering who would lived there and what their stories were.

Should thoughts of numbers try to encroach, I would have to bar the doors securely!

Secondary Roads said...

Some folks I know bought one of those and restored it. A visit to that house was a bit like a trip to a museum. Not what I'd like at all.

Anonymous said...

Yeah counting stitches - one reason I don't crochet anything more complicated than a scarf...I certainly do admire the talent and patience that goes into craft creations like this - very pretty - and yes, I agree with Question #3 - I can't fathom why people do crafty stuff - this one is a pretty picture - THAT I understand - other craft projects - not so much. (I don't think I do anything that might puzzle others, I tend towards the practical - other might disagree)

Lin said...

Pretty to look at, but yeah, no thanks. Can you imagine having to paint that house every 20 years or so. Ugh.

Those stitching projects don't really take as long as you think because once you get going, you move pretty quickly. Maybe a couple of weeks, I'm guessing. It's the framing that is the buggar--it's so darn expensive.

vanilla said...

Shelly, indeed. I can picture it. You would look at the creation and write a story about the people who lived there.

Chuck, interesting architecture and decor within if true to period, but not my idea of ideal living.

Grace, you don't do anything that puzzles people? You blog. I know that my blogging is puzzling to some, especially members of my family who just don't "get it."

Lin, I guess maybe some of that can be done on autopilot. I have a sister-in-law who can sit and crochet afghans, watch a western on TV, and carry on a conversation. Simultaneously. And the afghan will grow a foot. Now that puzzles me.

Sharkbytes said...

I would like to make that. But definitely not in pink.

vanilla said...

Shark, green and mauve?