Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Who Am I?

He was born in South Carolina, or maybe in North Carolina. Uncertain.
His mother died when he was fourteen.

He was an attorney.

He was involved in many duels, in at least one of which he killed his opponent.

He carried two bullets in his body for many years.

He was known to have cane-whipped a man in public.

He married another man’s wife.

As he completed his tenure in public office, he admitted that his only regrets were that a certain two men* still lived whom he wished he had shot or hanged.

His parrot cursed so loudly at the man’s funeral that it had to be removed.

On June 6, 1833, he was the first President of the United States to ride on a train.

Andrew Jackson

These are all facts, and verifiable if you wish to take the time to look it up!
A huge number of portraits of this man are in the public domain; you may even have some copies.  Please feel free to send me as many of them as you have, or can lay your hands on.  Thank you..
*Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun


Shelly said...

Ha! Now that's a way to get some portraits of him in your mail. He would never have made it in today's political culture~

vanilla said...

Shelly, we are thinking along the same lines; he wouldn't have had a chance in 2012.

Chuck said...

I'll send you a portrait of Andrew Jackson for each similar portrait you send me of Benjamin Franklin. Okay?

vanilla said...

Chuck, you drive a hard bargain. In a word, No.