Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday


Day 42


Shelly said...

The lawn, land and thermometer pics look quite familiar. I hope we all get cooling rain and soon.

Vee said...


vanilla said...

Shelly,this is our ninth day in the nineties, but we are supposed to get a break-- high in mid-eighties tomorrow. But still, rain? Don't know.

Vee, not unheard of, but not our typical June, either.

Chuck said...

Looks like it's going to be that kind of year. As Shelly says, the pics look familiar, but it may not be that bad around here.

Lin said...

Yuck. My yard isn't looking much better. I hate to see the watering bill. Ugh! We don't worry about the grass, but all those plants in the garden--hate to lose all that money we spent on them.

They are talking rain tomorrow--keep your fingers crossed!

vanilla said...

Chuck, pleased to hear that you got some good rain. Hoping it arrives here soon!

Lin, I understand about the watering. We are now down to two small areas where we water, tomatoes, peppers and a few flowers. Otherwise, the rest of the yard will have to depend on Nature, whether or not she is dependable.