Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Glassware, Gewgaws and Jimcracks

On the way home from the coffee house we stopped in Swayzee, "The only Swayzee in the World," or so the sign says as you enter the town.  The reason for the stop?  I am a prince.  BBBH likes, nay loves, to cruise antique shops.  I can cruise every aisle in a 2000 square foot shop in less time than it takes her to peruse the first display case.  For this reason, although we enter the store together, we do not "shop" together.

I find looking at the stuff mildly interesting, and sometimes memories are triggered.  But although a blue and white Swiftning can once sat on our pantry shelf, I have no interest in purchasing an empty can for several times the original cost of the product.

Sometimes there are items which we still own, and thus we make the "Oh, wow! look what our junque is worth!" comment.  When Beautiful mentioned to the Store Lady that we had a number of Hummel figurines like the ones displayed, the SL offered to buy our collection, and would pay one-half the prices she was asking in the store.  That is probably fair, and may well be the best offer we'll ever get; but do we want to sell?

So anyway, in a matter of thirty minutes I had done the entire store, and it is a rather large store for the sort of thing it does.  I told Beloved I was leaving and went to the car where I was asleep in a matter of minutes.  I awakened to her voice asking me to open the door.  Indeed.  She was laden with two large grocery sacks, which, as I placed them in the vehicle, I observed were quite full.  Of what I could not tell, for everything was wrapped in plain paper.

The picture above is the only thing I took from the store, and I did not purchase the item but merely captured its image.  When I saw the title I immediately thought "Melina Mercouri," even though the artist's rendition does not much resemble her.  On the back of the sheet music there was printed the assertion that this was "the most recorded song ever" along with a list of the many artists who had done it.  I'll take their word for it, for I would never have guessed that.

BBBH so wishes she had a buddy with whom she could "go antiquing" instead of the wet blanket who simply doesn't know how to have fun.  But I did take her to the store!

I do have good taste, though.  I was rather taken with a certain chocolate slag glassware of which there were many pieces displayed throughout the shop.  Unfortunately, the prices of the individual pieces ranged from $80 to $900; and the ones I most liked were at the top of that range.


Shelly said...

I, too, love antiques, but not their pricetags!

Lin said...

I'm worse than you--I don't like those stores. For some reason, I don't like the musty smell that they all seem to have.

Anonymous said...

That's always the thing with those stores - I wander around exclaiming "Oh we had one of those" - Who knew that our ordinary day-to-day gewgaws and gimcracks (yes, I have always seen it spelled with with a *G*) would become highly priced (prized) items.

Depending on the inventory, I can get happily lost in such stores or beat a hasty retreat...

Jim said...

I am juuuuust reaching the age where things from my youth are showing up in antique stores. Last time I was in one, I came upon my favorite childhood toy there. Nostalgia wasn't so great that I was ready to part with the funds to bring it home, however.

Pearl said...

I love those stores: antique, thrift, second-hand, the hunt being as good as the catch.


Sharkbytes said...

Ah, Swayzee! I once found the correct hubs for a 1967 school bus there! Only place in Indiana that had them.

vanilla said...

Shelly, it is fun to look (for a limited time, of course) but the prices are outrageous, more often than not.

Lin, it is true that those stores are universally musty. Well, “antique” implies old, does it not?

Grace, the bar for what qualifies as an antique has now been lowered to the point that I am exclaiming, “Oh, we threw a bunch of those into the town dump when I was a boy.” I think gimcrack is spelled with a g and I have always done, too. I cannot explain what aberration evoked the j, but I decided to go with it rather than go back for correction.

Jim, yes, juuuuust reaching that age, and more and more of those things will show up there as the years fly by. Like you, I feed the nostalgia by looking and keep my billfold pretty much in the pocket.

Pearl, even I will admit that a not-too-lengthy visit to an antique shop can be fun. I often get stalled at the bookshelves.

Shark, wasn’t it fun looking for old automotive parts? Swayzee still does a pretty good antique business. There are a couple of good stores there. btw, We drove through Upland this week; I was cruising down the road, camera pointed out the window, merrily snapping away so I could share some campus pix with the Sharkbytes. Alas, I had failed to turn the thing on. ( A really good friend should have found a parking spot and, you know. Unfortunately, we had places to be and a short time to get there.)