Friday, June 15, 2012

Ouabache State Park

"Ouabache is difficult to spell, but easy to pronounce. Simply say 'Wabash'...just like the river that forms the southwest boundary for the park. This is the French spelling of an Indian word, so don't be surprised to hear some folks call it o-ba-chee.
"Kunkel Lake offers excellent fishing. During the summer months, a naturalist will provide information about the natural wonders of the park. A lodge recreation building is ideal for special gatherings and is now available all year."  --Indiana DNR

We are home from three days and three nights at Oubache State Park with our gang.  This lovely spot is just east of Bluffton and about twenty-five miles south of Fort Wayne.  Perfect weather, fun fellowship, and a trip to Berne that I might share with you sometime next week!


Shelly said...

Now this was a treat- thanks for sharing with us!

Vee said...

Indiana does have beautiful state parks. Glad you had the opportunity to enjoy time at one of them!

vanilla said...

Shelly, we enjoyed it, and are glad you did, too.

Vee, already looking forward to Versailles SP next month!