Monday, June 11, 2012

Marriage of Matt and Candie

Saturday is traditional wedding day in these parts, nevertheless BBBH and I defied that tradition by getting married on a Sunday.  But that is another and extraneous story.  So guess what we did Saturday!

Yes, we went to a wedding.  My eldest grandson, Matthew wed his beloved, Candie.  It was a lovely shindig held at Morse Park, right on the edge of the lake.  We could watch the SeaDoos and sailboats in the background as the festivities progressed.
Lovely as the wedding was, and it was lovely, there was an added bonus.  I got to see and visit with a lot of family members whom I had not seen in a while.  Three of my four fifty-something children were present as were numerous members of their clans.
In addition to gaining a new granddaughter-in-law, we gained three great grandchildren, Logan, Trinity and Mayaha.

So what was the glitch?  The ceremony was announced for four-thirty.  Everyone was there, guests, parents, grandparents, minister, everybody in fact but the bridal party.  No bride, no groom, no attendants.  At five o'clock everyone was standing around eagerly looking down the road for approaching vehicles.  The minister was making jokes to lighten the mood.  5:01 the party arrived.  Then it is get the bride out of the vehicle, have her mother and her attendants fix her hair, fix her gown, and so on and on; the vows were written by the couple, and each one made a speech about five minutes in length.  They were finally pronounced at 5:57 and were presented to the guests as Mr. and Mrs. just before the six o'clock chimes rang.  Then we did all the stuff that comes after the wedding and before the happy couple speeds away to whatever prearranged rendezvous they have chosen.

Then a very tired old grandpa and grandma couple went home.

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