Sunday, March 25, 2012

Walk, Walk, Walk

My friend, Chester, does not know I snapped this picture because 1) he is a dedicated and intent walker, and 2) I was at my dining table inside, shooting through the screen door.

This gentleman walks around the park daily. He does three and a quarter miles in the morning, three and a quarter in the afternoon. He is more disciplined than I, and probably in better physical condition!

Chester and Elaine are here every winter. We first met them several years ago on our first camping expedition to Texas. The curiosity is that our permanent homes are less than fifty miles apart! Fellow Hoosiers.


Secondary Roads said...

The screen creates an interesting texture in your photo of Chester. Discipline will improve your condition and, judging by Chester, it will improve your waist line too.

Shelly said...

Good for Chester! It's been lovely weather, lately, for being outside for that, too.

Vee said...

Disciplined guy! No doubt good health is his reward.

Sharkbytes said...

I know of lots of enclaves of snowbirds who spend the winters near each other in the south, as well as living nearby in their primary residence.

vanilla said...

Chuck, Chester certainly doesn't carry a spare tire!

Shelly, effort pays off. And lovely weather it is!

Vee, he does seem to be quite fit.

Shark, true. But of course there are no "snowbirds" in Texas. We are "Winter Texans." Snowbirds go to Florida or Arizona. ;-)