Monday, March 26, 2012

Port A

Went to the beach at Port Aransas on Monday.
Fantastic day. Some member of the party looks like a pickled beet.

I just wasted half hour trying to upload some images to Blogger. This is the only successful attempt. Maybe the morning will treat me better. Meanwhile, it is now my bed time.


Shelly said...

Port A is such a wonderful place, especially if the teenaged spring breakers have gone home. (I do officially sound old now). I'm glad you all got to go. The weather looks like it was great!

Lin said...

He looks like he is in trouble--facing his chair the other way. Hahaha!

That beach is glorious!!

vanilla said...

Shelly, it is a wonderful place. The year we were staying there the breakers started arriving on Thursday night. We left on Friday. Place is "normal" this week. ;-)

Lin, these Yankees. Oh, my. He's lovin' it, though.

Vee said...

If you are trying to make me jealous by posting the beach pictures... it's working!

vanilla said...

Vee, I didn't think of that; but, okay then.