Tuesday, March 13, 2012

La Pesca

We do not make it a habit to do restaurant reviews here at STSTT, primarily, perhaps, because we eat out so seldom. Beautiful is an outstanding cook, and we both like to eat in.

Sometime about two o'clock Sunday afternoon, BBBH and I decided lunch would be in order. We scootered over to 524 W. University here in Edinburg. We have passed this establishment numerous times without so much as a second glance. To have overlooked this place was a big mistake.

We entered the dining room and were greeted pleasantly by the proprietor. We were seated, and immediately the waitress took our drink order and returned with chips and salsa, accompanied by a small glass of the most wonderful concoction, which I can only assume was the stock from the pot in which the goodies had been cooked.

Our host advised us of the "special" which was a fish and shrimp combo, grilled or deep-fried. I chose grilled; BBBH selected fried. We consumed chips and salsa, along with the drink. The salsa was excellent, spicy and fresh. It was hot, but not too hot, for even Beautiful found it appetizing. As the little cup of broth disappeared, the proprietor directed our waitress to bring us another.

The platter came, artistically arranged with a small salad to one side, the rice, in my case, and the french fries for BBBH on the other end with the beautifully done fish lying between them, the shrimp, butterflied, on top. A nice slice of Texas toast accompanied each dish, and the fried fish had with it an additional three hush puppies.

All this food was every bit as tasty as we could have hoped. Our host, Markus Villarreal, sat at the next table and visited with us while we dined. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon experience. Tab for the two of us was $17.30 including Texas State tax.

For a great lunch or dinner choice, we very much recommend la Pesca, open seven days a week. Take a look at their website.



Lin said...

Wow! sounds GREAT! Isn't it nice when you find a great restaurant like that? And the price?? Incredible.

Vee said...

It's always great to find a new place to eat that has good food and doesn't have a hold-up price.

Shelly said...

We've actually eaten there and love it as much as you all do!

vanilla said...

Lin, it is great to leave with the appetite satisfied and the budget not depleted.

Vee, in the interest of full disclosure, like most restaurants, the drinks are a couple bucks; hence we order water and have our coffee at home.

Shelly, wow, you've been there, too. And it is always fun to have one's opinion validated.

Sharkbytes said...

You almost make me want to have a fish dinner (I rarely choose it on purpose, although I will eat it.)

vanilla said...

Shark, we consider one of the pleasures of Texas to be the availability of fresh fish and shrimp.