Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rockport Breakwater

On the right you may see the far end of the breakwater on which we are standing. This is a new structure which will form a safe harbor for many more boats. The building visible in center of picture is in the area of the current Rockport harbor, the breakwater for which is to the right and north of the new one.
To the left is the shoreline. There once stood a motel on this land, but it fell into disrepair. This year we find that it has been razed, which is a big improvement.

To the right of the new structure is an older wooden pier which is primarily for the use of guests at the beachfront hotels along the shore. The people on this structure are illustrative of one of the prime attractions to the area. Sport fishing is important to the local economy.

I don't fish. I used to fish. BBBH has no interest in fishing. She simply could not grasp the concept of "catch and release," so, as I said, I don't fish.


Shelly said...

We haven't been to Rockport in a few years, but it is still beautiful. I also remember the Fulton mansion. Lots of things to do and see there-

vanilla said...

Shelly, we enjoy Rockport. This is the fifth or sixth year we have been here in March.

Sharkbytes said...

Beautiful place. I'm not much for fishing. Can't see the point of sitting still so long. Maybe I could get interested in fishing in a stream.

vanilla said...

Shark, it comes down to whether one fishes, or one catches. Fishing is satisfying to some simply because of the "quiet time." Others prefer catching.