Monday, March 19, 2012

America's Favorite Shopping

Reason number 87: Why we love... Arriving in time to spend a mere 15 minutes in wait, I find I have a full forty-five+ minutes in which to...
In an honest effort to avoid living "annoyed," I determined to make an adventure of waiting. An adventure of waiting? you say. Why not? There are tons, literally tons, of people to watch. There are oh-so-comfortable steel benches on which to sit while

Then the camera is usually holstered at belt as it was this day. More fun, tra la.

So the wait is finally over and it is my turn at the register. Understand this script had been called in three days prior. Cashier checks computer. Mutters to self. Returns to customer. I'm sorry, he says, the insurance company will not pay for this script until tomorrow. I can have it ready for you at nine in the morning.

Really? So now the insurance company is managing my health care. But that is another post.

Have I ever told you reason number 1?


Shelly said...

Ugh! Waiting at this place is one of my biggest pet peeves. I hope you are able to get the script without further ado today.

Jim said...

I love this pharmacy's prices, but not the surly manner of their staff, at least at the two such outlets readily available to me.

I fill my scripts at Target, where everybody is much friendlier. And for most of my scripts, the generics affordable without insurance, I pay cash so I can refill the blasted things whenever I want to.

Lin said...

Ugh. They don't have two pharmacists??? That is weird. And annoying.

We have that problem of going to pick up our prescriptions and they are either out of what we need or we can't renew yet. I wish they'd call and let us know that.

I'm not big on waiting. I get kinda crabby when that happens.

Anonymous said...

That has happened to my husband but a recorded announcement lets him know when he has jumped the gun on renewing a prescription or he gets a telephone call - the advantage to using Walgreen's or CVS. We don't have any of those other stores within walking distance and we don't have a car.

vanilla said...

Shelly, mission accomplished!

Jim, I'm lucky. At least the staff was courteous! (When they were there.)

Lin, nope. Only one on duty most of the time. Big lines, too, with only one cashier.

Grace, there isn't one of "those" places near our home, either, But when we are on the road it is the one that is just about anywhere we go.

Vee said...

Great people watching opportunity! "Nobody funnier than people," my dad often said.

vanilla said...

Vee, exactly what he said. And was so often the case, he was right.

Secondary Roads said...

You do love to keep us in suspense, don't you?

vanilla said...

Chuck, not really. Number 1 is agoraphobia.
Oh, did you mean about the prescription insurance? Not sure I'll ever be able to calm myself enough to write about that.

John Cowart said...

I went there one night. The lighting was dim. But I think I saw a sign engraved in stone above the door:

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here.

vanilla said...

John, yes, that is the place!