Saturday, March 17, 2012

Citrus Production

A couple weeks ago we featured the citrus blossom, as the park was permeated with the fragrance of the trees in bloom. Now, as we depart this compartment of paradise, we show you the new fruit, the result of the blossoms and the successful pollination. See the tiny grapefruit! Note that there is mature fruit on the tree as backdrop. We are taking these ripe fruit with us.

We will be going to the beach today. In a day or two we will be northward bound on 77!

This is for those who celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Don't we all?


Secondary Roads said...

You should have been home (in Tipton) this week. While I didn't get to Tipton in Fishers and Noblesville afternoon temps were around 80 and it was beautiful and sunny.

Shelly said...

It's amazing how God can form a huge grapefruit from that tiny beginning. May you have a wonderful journey on the way home!

Sharkbytes said...

The grapefruit is really interesting. I've never seen that.

Vee said...

I had no idea the grapefruit started out so tiny.

vanilla said...

Chuck, glad you had nice weather in Indiana. We'll get home eventually, God willing!

Shelly, God's creation always amazes! Thanks for the good wishes. Drove through your bailiwick yesterday.

Shark, it is fascinating that different regions have different flora and fauna.

Vee, I guess we all start out pretty small.