Thursday, December 29, 2011

In Conclusion...

...of another calendar year, I thought to list some of my personal favorites among the articles on "String Too Short to Tie" during 2011. There is no particular ranking in terms of my preferences. It is simply a dozen I particularly like. Obviously, I must have liked all of them or I would not have posted them in the first place!

Rocket Launch T+ The culmination of an experiment in space exploration by two very young scientists.
Cookson the Third A tribute to our little pet on his departure from life.
For God So Loved Outline of an excellent sermon by Pastor Mark.
Snake! A rambling, or is it a slithering, tale springing from someone's mention of snake.
Indiana Fall in Black and White Pictorial tribute to Autumn in Indiana.
Everybody Ought to Go to Sunday School An account of a Sunday morning during my childhood.
A Long Trek From childhood to... Journeys of three people's lives.
Freedom My take of FDR's "Four Freedoms" speech.
Ordinary Heroes Neighbors in the Hometown whose daily lives are heroic.
Jacob Bids for the Prize The first in a series on the life of Jacob as recorded in Genesis 26 - 31.
Euphemistically Speaking A rant about the use of euphemisms for "old age."
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo A bit of American history, facts and speculation. This article was the most frequently "hit" for the year 2011.
And finally, this one was not one of my favorites, and yet it was the second-most often hit this year: My Plate.


Jim said...

I'm always surprised on my blog by which posts get the most attention -- usually the ones I dashed off quickly. The ones I sweated over, or which tell a story important to me, almost never get the love!

Secondary Roads said...

It was a very good year--despite the paucity of string. I'm looking forward to another year of interesting, fun and informative posts from you my friend.

vanilla said...

Jim, happens here, too. The articles I think are my best get a shoulder-shrug from the readers. Oh, well, I always rationalize that this blog is for my entertainment.

Chuck, I'll do what I can; but still most bits of "string" remain too short to tie.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Wonderful picture! Thanks for the recap. I usually do a year-end list of some kind, but I'm not sure I kept good enough track of things this year.

vanilla said...

Shark, thanks. My arm exactly the right length for this "self portrait."