Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cookson the Third

Over the past few weeks we have watched him go down the hill into the valley of the shadow of death. Today he crossed the stream and is no longer with us. But he will never be forgotten; he will always be an important part of who we are.

Cookie was born in Clinton County, Indiana January 2, 1993. He departed his life December 6, 2011, aged 18 years, 11 months.

Following a stint in his early life as the long-legged rat terrier stud, he exchanged his role as sire for the comforts of a leisure life as JoAnn's companion. He later accepted David as part of his pack. He has been faithful and true to his people, in a word, Good Dog.

This beautiful seventeen-pound package of fun, enthusiasm and love will be sorely missed


Jim said...

I'm sorry for your loss. May you grieve well.

Secondary Roads said...

The sense of loss is great, because it is every bit of that.

Verif word = trophy :)

Vee said...

So sorry about your loss. I know you will miss Cookie very much.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Bummer. I think he was a great pup.

Anonymous said...

So sorry, He lived a long life and a good one. He loved and was loved and what better legacy can there be. They do make themselves so very important to us, don't they.

Lin said...

Oh, pally. What a loss! Cookie was such a good friend to you and JoAnn--I'm so very sorry for your loss. A dog friend is so very hard to lose and I'm sending love and hugs for this difficult day.

I pray he finds my frog friends at the Rainbow Bridge and enjoys the warm sunshine and gentle breezes with them.

vanilla said...

Jim, as we grieve, we recall the pleasure he gave us.

Chuck, I've had many pets; never one that was replaceable. Each is his own special self.

Vee, thank you; we will miss him a lot.

Shark, yes, old as he was, he was a great pup!

Grace, thank you. A very important part of our little family; will be greatly missed.

Lin, thanks. Cookie did live a long life. He was at least four years older than any other dog I've had. Hoped he'd make nineteen, but it wasn't to be.

John Cowart said...

Sorry about Cookie. That's a heavy thing to carry.


Anonymous said...

My family's thoughts and prayers for you.

Our dogs are a huge part of our family and we know the meaning of this loss.

Our deepest sympathies for your loss.

vanilla said...

John, thank you for your kind expression of sympathy.

Curt, we appreciate your thoughts. The loss of a dog is truly the loss of a good friend.