Saturday, December 24, 2011

'Tis the Night Before Christmas

'Tis the night before Christmas and all across the land
All the bloggers, a right hearty band
Are checking their pallies one last time
Before shutting down, going off-line
For Santa won't visit so long as he knows
That the light of the screen continually glows.

The spouse is in nightcap, or perhaps having one
So it's time to hit “Start," strange way to shut down.
Through the list once more wishing the best
to each. To Chuck on his Secondary RoadsMay happiness envelope all your brood.
A Quality Day in Michigan for Joan
This day and every day for her and Om.

To Lin, proprietor of Duck and WheelWe wish blessings abundant and real
As you celebrate with Joe, and Col and Em
Chicago's best and brightest, joy to the brim!
A short hop by 'net, but miles away
We swing down Dragon's Alley.

For Grace and Hubby may they see
Beauty in this day, even in Filthadelphee.
While we're in Pennsylvania, too
I say, Heres's What Let's DoSay, “Merry Christmas" to Mikki
and all her family.

To "Upstate" New York
Rebecca explains her work
On New York Traveler.
Blessings to you, Mrs. Mecomber
and to those whom you love.
Then we need to hurry, shove

Off to the eastern shore tonight
to greet Andrea at Arise 2 Write.
Prayer warrior, God bless you
and all creatures there, four legged and 2.
Marydon in Maryland, historian,
Decorator, Blushing Rose and
family "Merry Christmas!"

My, this tour is getting awfully long,
But we must sing a carol, or song
for John and Ginny at Rabid Fun
Before our trek is done!
Now up! up! away from Florida,
to Minnesota
Where we wish the best for Pearl,
Why You Little...
Go, Girl!
Your writing fantastic,
Comes each day from your mind elastic.

To Colorado for a special shout out to Vee,
Very Verla, Joie d' Vivre.
Love you much, and the Mister.
Vee, that's my sister!
Back home in Indiana, must say "Hey"
To Down the Road creator, Jim Grey.
Travels with Jim always a pleasure.
May Christ be your greatest treasure!

And Hoosier Happenings, Indiana man
Respect your anonymity, wish you and
The wife and kids God's richest blessing.
Don't over-gorge on tofurkey and dressing.

This doggerel is about to wear me out,
So to these, too, I give a shout.
Captain of a Crew of One, Hometown Lad, USN ret.
The Church of No People, Mid-America pastor, teacher, thinker.
The Threadbare Couch, another hometown success! Texas pastor, mother, philosopher.
Crotchety Old Man, funny man in spite of not funny life.
The Old Geezer Blog, says it all.
John Deere Mom, farm mom.
Leigh vs. Laundry, funny mom.
Let's Have a Cocktail, Atlanta's answer to funny.
Hypergraffiti, Maritime resident, author extraordinaire.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
You keep me happy, grinning
from ear to ear!
Day by day, year to year.


Jim said...

Thank you for immortalizing my blog in verse, and merry Christmas to you and yours!

Secondary Roads said...
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Secondary Roads said...

May the sweet Christ child bring to Vanilla a surfeit of string. And to him and his lovely JoAnn Peace, Joy and Love with good health, which we all know is more precious than wealth.

Grace said...

That was just fun...Thanks for the food wishes and a Merry Happy to you and yours!

John Cowart said...

Thanks from Ginny and John in Florida where the temperature is 80 degrees today.

vanilla said...

Jim, thank you, and you're welcome.

Chuck, you and Sylvia have a rhyming good time this coming week!

Grace, thank you; and thank you.

John, rub it in! But we will be in the Southland in a few days, too. Blessings.

Vee said...

Very cool and creative. Thanks!

Sharkbytes said...

Aw... You made me grin from ear to ear. I'll have to visit some of those blogs that I don't know. Blessings to you!

vanilla said...

Vee, thank you. My pleasure.

Joan, glad you found it fun. I think you would enjoy some of these.