Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sixty and Counting Down

November First. There are exactly sixty days left in 2011, and in those sixty days will be crammed:

  • Daylight "savings" time is over. Rejoice! 11-6

  • Municipal and off-year elections. Be sure to vote. Politics is local. 11-8

  • Veterans' Day: Remember those who served. I plan to be on the courthouse square at 11:00 A.M 11-11

  • Thanksgiving. Don't forget to praise and thank the Lord for blessings everyday, but celebrate on this Thursday. 11-24

  • Black Friday: For those of you who care, and aren't smart enough to stay in bed, well, the stores will be open way too early. 11-25

  • Pearl Harbor Day: It is important to remember our history. 12-7

  • Advent: Pay attention to the reason we celebrate Christmas.

  • Winter: The official calendar beginning of winter, no matter what weather we've had so far. 12-22

  • Christmas: Many people's favorite holiday. For some, as a celebration of Jesus's birth; for some the getting-and-giving of gifts; for some, just the "getting." And yes, for some a time to put on the "Grinch suit" and rain on everyone's parade. Christmas: you have to love it; something for everyone. 12-25

  • Boxing Day 12-26

  • New Year's Eve: Closing out another year, a year we hope has been joyous and satisfying, even if difficulties have been encountered along the way. Be thankful for your blessings, and be careful how you celebrate. 12-31

  • It's going to be an exciting sixty days!
    (Print out and enter your own special days and celebrations, stick on refrigerator.)


    John Cowart said...

    Hi Vanilla,

    Thanks for the reminders.

    In our family, during the same time period we also have two couples with wedding anniversaries and four birthdays to celebrate as well as the annual hayride on Luminary Night.

    Sixty Days--sounds like a judge announcing a jail sentence.


    Lin said...

    Let the madness begin!

    Vee said...

    My favorite part of the season is decorating. I like the lights and such; dislike seeing decorations still up in February.

    Secondary Roads said...

    And during all that, you're sure to pack on a couple extra pounds of "insulation." It's just to help you through the winter. :)

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the reminder to go into hiding...

    (My word verification is very rude!)

    vanilla said...

    John, you are welcome. In addition to this busy-ness, you have family things to cram into these sixty days, too? Intense times. Blessings.

    Lin, it's like the starter's gun goes off, isn't it? GO! ;-)

    Chuck, BBBH reminds me all too often that I need no more "insulation," But it will all be here fault: she's the cook!

    Vee, and that's why I've given up on decorating-- you give me such a small time-frame. Don't put it up before December, take it down by twelfth night. Not worh it.

    Grace, "hiding" might not be a bad idea!