Saturday, November 26, 2011

New May Not Be Better

What do you suppose this means? Yes, it means that vanilla got a new computer. After the nine-hour transfer of documents and stuff, he has a new computer he hates.

The new operating system begs the question why is it necessary to rework and jimmie up what already works well? To provide employment for software engineers perhaps. This is maybe a good end-in-itself. For someone, anyway.

Then there is the keypad. I expected it to take some time and practice to get used to the keypad. And time it is taking. Primarily because there is a numeric calculator pad which my old machine did not have, the alpha keyboard is offset to the left of the machine. Thus, I always feel off-center. Oh, dear. Perhaps I am. I always seem to place the fingers, not in home position, but rather om yjod swlstf doyisyopm/

Not to mention the fact that, yes, the data transferred, but I cannot access it. I can find it but can't open it in many cases.

This is going to take some getting-used-to.

Sorry about the photo. It was correctly aligned when it downloaded, but when I transferred it to blogger this is the result. Oh, joy.

THEN I went to publish this post, and nothing happened. javascript void. Had to go to old computer to get this online. Growl.

Oh! Look what Sharkbytes did for me. I used the code she put in the comments. Thanks, Joan. But. To get it to post, I had to copy the code, paste to an email, send to self, open in desktop computer, then copy and paste to blogger. Isn't this fun~ Hmmm. Now how do I smallify it?;


Grace said...

On the rare occasion that I have to use my Windows lap top, or use my husband's for some weird reason the frustration with all things Miscrosoft sends my blood pressure into stratosphere - I don't know how you folks deal with it on a daily basis. Yes, MAC's are more expensive and it's not so much learning as unlearning but boy oh boy once you go MAC you'll never go back!

I've been working with these things for 40+ years and I still think fondly of good old IBM...

Vee said...

Once you learn the new system you will be good with it. And you will enjoy the faster speed. Mine is five years old and the programs are so big now that everything is starting to run slowly.

Good luck!

vanilla said...

Grace, one of my siblings and all her offsprouts are Mac people.

Vee, I suppose I'll even get used to the arthritis after awhile. Truth: it is faster operation I'm hoping for. (I downloaded all my files from the old computer and it uses about 8.1% of available space on this gizmo!)

Rebecca Mecomber said...

I'm a PC gal. Mac just seems backwards to me, like doing everything left handed. I have had two Macs (the 1984, first personal computer) and a Mac mini. Don't like them at all. I can't understand why people pay so much money for them.

I think that laptops are more difficult to adjust to than a desktop. I have both, and while I use my laptop for work most of the time, I love my desktop because I can customize the keyboard and mouse and get a great big monitor.

I hope you adjust soon. The laptop looks very pretty!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Yes, I hate getting new computers. They just mess with everything I want to do and the old stuff. My condolences.

To fix the pic, see

Lin said...

Criminy. I need a new computer too--this one is bogged down with stuff and is about to burst at the seams. But I dread the whole purchasing of it and the transferring of all my stuff. But I want MY own computer--one that nobody loads stuff on but ME.

I like a desktop for some reason. And I don't feel like learning the MAC--which annoys the bajeepers out of my son who is a MAC fan. I'm just too tired to learn something new right now.

vanilla said...

Rebecca, the world does seem to be divided into Macs and PCs, each group fiercely loyal to its choice.

Shark, one (that would be me) hopes that glitches are soon ironed out. The new beastie is much faster, I will say that. I used the link, fixed the picture and put it at the bottom of the post. Thanks!

Lin, I haven't yet worked it all out, but it is going to be a big improvement. I loaded all the stuff from the old computer. Transfer took about six hours and the data takes up about 8.1% of the available space on the new one! Download automatic with program.

John Cowart said...

Hi Vanilla,

Words I hate: Improved. New. Update.

Satanic words!

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Almost every night computer imps try to update my system with things I did not ask for and replace things that work with things that don't. Then Adobe tries to sell me the pdf thing they just destroyed.

This old dog don't want to learn any new tricks!


Secondary Roads said...

Oh the pain of transferring data to a new computer. Ouch!

PC all the way. And I don't mean Politically Correct, because I seldom am that.

vanilla said...

John, I know all too well exactly what you mean. The exchange was really necessary in this case. The old, lesser capacity equipment was getting really bogged down.

Chuck, I'm there, too. Data transferred, all right. But I've yet to figure out how to use some of it in the "new" environment. *grrr*