Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trip to the City

This. This is one of Beautiful's favorite places. Anywhere. You may take my word for it, you really don't want to stop here with her. Unless of course you've nothing planned or hoped for for the rest of the day. Seriously. She. Will. Not. Leave. Until she is ready, and who knows when that will be?

Some women, I am told, can spend hours in a boutique or shoe outlet. Not BBBH. She wants to be in the home improvement store. (An antique shop will also serve on occasion.)

Then should you pass this place after she has finally decided to leave the Big Box, you can plan on stopping again. The blessing here is that you get to wait in the car. Watching the ladies entering and leaving this establishment makes you hope, fervently hope, that the store has an abundant "supply" of "beauty" for it is much needed. Well, except in the case of BBBH, who, well, er, ah-- I seem to have dug myself into a hole here.

Always have a camera at hand, for one never knows when he may hap upon a train wreck. I most assuredly assure you that no matter what business I might be engaged in, I would not spend my neon budget in this manner.

Shucks, pleasant aromas wafting from a bakery or eating establishment can be quite enticing. But this sign evokes, well olfactory "images" that are not necessarily appetizing.

Let the aroma advertise for you. Spend your neon money on, say, an "OPEN" sign.


Jim Grey said...

Could it be that at least part of the reason that your beloved spends so much time in that big-box home-improvement store is because there's so much stuff in it that it is very difficult to find anything?

The other day, I needed a new supply line for my toilet. I drove past the big-box place to an Ace Hardware, where I stopped the first employee I found, asked where to go, got my part, checked out, and left. I saved time driving farther!

Secondary Roads said...

That final sign does evoke some interesting thoughts. Thoughts like, Where might you see such a sign? Oh my.

Grace said...

I prefer neighborhood hardware stores - we have two. My other favorite place is an office supply store - Staples, Office Depot - doesn't matter I can wander around for hours...

Yeah that free smells sign is a tad off-putting

(BTW - Your feed isn't up-dating, either in my blog roll or in my reader.)

Vee said...

Just wait until you get an IKEA close by. Then it's possible you will never see her again.

John Cowart said...

My Ginny, an accountant, comparison shops. Are these beans at $14.29 for three 92-ounce cans better than these 12-ounce cans at $34.00 per gross? She figures that stuff out in her head before putting anything in the basket.

Me, I buy the can with a blue label.

vanilla said...

Jim, or maybe not. I used to drive past Lowes and go the four extra miles to Menards because the floor-to-ceiling shelving drove me nut; then Menards "reconfigured."

I stay away from them all as much as possible. Luckily, there is a friendly Ace right here in town!

Chuck, right next-door to the beauty supply shop. Food purveyor of some sort.

Grace, I patronize the neighborhood hardware stores myself.

My "feed" isn't updating. Grrr. Another "computer glitchy thingy" as though I hadn't enough trouble. And, of course, I am incompetent when it comes to correcting electronic problems.

Vee, oh, boy! How do I contact IKEA Planning and Development?

John, I used to do the "Ginny" thing, but now I'm your kind of shopper!

Sharkbytes said...

I wonder what FREE smells like? Yeah, I like home improvement too. I'm not much of a shopper, but if I have to... those would be a good choice.

vanilla said...

Shark, I don't know. I never thought of that.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Oh you're wife and I would get along MARVELOUSLY. Hardware stores & home improvement places are my favorite stores. No boutiques or poofy places for me! I'd rather be hammering and building. :)

vanilla said...

Rebecca, oh, you ladies would have a ball; and I could go to the coffee-house and sit at the wifi bar! Everyone wins.

Elizabeth Turner said...

I was just perusing Lowe's with Jack yesterday, and I confess I'm always fascinated, and glad to be on a budget, when I'm there. Craft ideas occur, I am invincible, I can decorate in mid-century industrial style, I can install my own cabinetry by instinct alone, I can...I can't hang a picture straight. Nonetheless, I'm always inspired!