Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Picture Box

Pawing around in the loose pictures box yields not only images, but memories. This may be the principal reason for taking photos and snapshots of people. The examples here were taken in the fall prior to our marriage in February. The little lady checking her watch there in the kitchen may have wondered why I had yet to arrive. Well, as you can see, the refrigerator has morphed into a Dodge Caravan, against which I am leaning. I am enjoying a beautiful fall evening and who knows what I am thinking? I don't even remember.

This may have been the very evening during which she asked me to marry her. At any rate, it is all the beginning of something good, something exciting, and so far, something lasting.
Might I say it is all good? I might, but is there such a thing as any marital relationship in which it is all good? In this instance, it started out good and just gets better and better!


John Cowart said...

You two fit together so well.

Lin said...

Look how those two photos just blend together nicely--just like you two. :)

I can see why you married her--she is one pretty gal!

Vee said...

Cool! Love both pictures.

Grace said...

Charming - smile inducing - I'm a sucker for happy love stories...(Great mustache!)

Secondary Roads said...

What a lovely couple! Fortunate folks--both of you.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Two happy people. Very nice.

vanilla said...

John, we thank you.

Lin, thank you. She is pretty, but there is more to her than appearance!

Vee, thanks, Sis.

Grace, thanks. I had to trim back the handlebar when I met BBBH-- she preferred the shorter look.

Chuck, we are blessed, and thankful to have each other.

Shark, that's us! Happiness is a state of mind, and we are in a state.

Pearl said...

Nice-lookin' couple, aren't ya?!



vanilla said...

Pearl, luckily, we have the usual number of components. Pretty much.
Thanks ;-)