Monday, July 11, 2011

Yikes! School Starts Soon

Our local jeweler thoughtfully reminds us that the 4-H Fair is just days away. And, too, he reminds us that he has "merchandise" inside.

It is hard to believe that fair time is upon us, for I have always associated that event with the beginning of another school year. And how can that be? We've scarcely seen summer. If we don't count the ten 90+ degree days, if we ignore the calendar which does assert that mid-July is near.

Also, as I walk around the yard examining the garden, and the weed crop, it is evident that some things are thriving! Just take a look at these. And I did pluck a nice, juicy serrano. I'll have that with my bbq'd spare ribs. Mmmmm!


Lin said...

I saw back-to-school supplies in the stores yesterday. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Didn't school used to start after Labor Day? And the last day of school was the last week day in June...Of course there was only Christmas and Easter breaks and that extra day after Thanksgiving - until high school when we had a weeks break between terms

Vee said...

I like your jeweler's way of advertising. Clever!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

fairs in agricultural areas are so much fun!

vanilla said...

Lin, our days are "swifter than a weaver's shuttle," or to put it in modern terms, swifter than a "Duck and Wheel" download.

Grace, school did start after Labor Day. A long time ago. I think maybe it was only in the City that it actually extended to the last week day in June. Now it seems that mid-August to first of June is the norm.

Vee, I was in the store a couple months ago, and they said they had seen me photographing their signs. They asked me why. So I told them they were "world famous" among the tens of people who read my blog.

Shark, 4-H fairs are a lot of fun. I know the animals will be ready to show, but I'm doubtful that the garden produce is fair-ready yet this year. Wish you could bring one of your cherry pies this way. Not for the fair, Shark. For us to eat with a nice hot cup of coffee!