Friday, July 15, 2011

Georgia, USA

Georgia was established in 1732, the last of the original 13 colonies. One hundred twenty-nine years later, she seceded from the Union and was "absent" for nine years. On July 15, 1870, Georgia was restored to the Union, the last of those states which had broken away.

I have visited Georgia on several occasions, and these for an amount of time that "counts," not just a drive-thru on my way to somewhere else. From the hills in the north to the swamps in the south, from the western peanut fields to the southeast coast, the state is blessed with true and varied beauty.

I could name some favorite places, but that might be at the risk of offending someone whose favorite Georgia "spot" is in a different locale. However, no offense intended, I have to mention the Brunswick-St. Simons Island area, and certainly Savannah, Skidaway and Tybee Islands. Perhaps one of my favorite lowlands features is the salt marsh, and of course I've always been partial to the seashore.

By all means, visit Madison. Warm Springs should be on the itinerary. While you are there, visit nearby Callaway Gardens, too!

Happy touring!


John Cowart said...

Hi Vanilla,

I drive up to Georgia about once a month from Jacksonville, Florida. I often use Highway 17 or U.S.1 and pass through the tidal marshes along the sea islands--Heaven must look a lot like those marshes.

John Cowart

vanilla said...

John, not everyone shares our enthusiasm for the salt marsh; but I will think of you as a kindred spirit.

I played an after-five round of golf at Osprey Cove once, long ago. A beautiful and normally non-affordable experience. Also played all up and down that coast. No more, had to give it up.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I'm SO not a fan of the south, but if they could find a way to make it cooler there would be places of interest.

vanilla said...

Shark, some like it hot, some like it cold. But look at that marsh-- can't you just see yourself in your canoe...