Monday, July 4, 2011

Let Freedom Ring:

And then there's this:
Jun 30, 2011 – An investigation has been launched after a man flew from New York to Los Angeles without a valid passport or ID, and with a boarding pass that did not belong to him.


Vee said...

Your blog today cites one example from a series of happenings that contributed to my decision to add air travel to my list of "things to do only when necessary."

Secondary Roads said...

What Vee said! Someone else said, "When you give up freedom for security you end up with neither."

Ilene said...

Sad state of things!

vanilla said...

Vee, air travel is on my list of "I used to, but no more" things as well.

Chuck, I last flew ten months after 9/11. People were grumbling mildly about having to remove their shoes. Since then, bit by bit, things have devolved to the current state of affairs. Like Gulliver, I fear, we are being bound a thread at a time while we sleep, and when we awaken, we'll be unable to move. And this is not a political blog?

Ilene, well you might say, Sad state of things!

Lin said...

I heard a guy on the radio talking about this the other day and I think he got it right. Don't remember the exact quote, but in essence, he said that the TSA is patting down little old ladies and children to give the impression that they are hard-core and on top of security, when in reality, they haven't a clue when fools like this get through consistently. Ugh.

Scary stuff.