Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Car

Beautiful and I went car shopping. It has been five years since we bought a new car, and it already has 17,906 miles on it. Don't you think it's about time to trade?

We have decided that we have waited long enough for a Cadillac. So this is where we looked. I felt that the CTS-V was the way to go, for after all, who knows when one might need 556 supercharged horses underfoot!

We found one a mere thirteen miles from home, and priced right, too. Or so I thought. BBBH loved it, too. Until she heard the price, then she said, "I hate it." This beauty is black, exterior and interior, and is priced at a firm $65,665 with discounts and incentives. The seven percent Indiana sales tax brings it to $70,261.55.

And did I mention that this model is subject to the gas guzzler tax? But wait. I forgot the twenty-five cents per wheel disposal tax for the tires and...
oh, forget it. This is getting out of hand.

The best part is that the entire shopping excursion took place on a ninety-degree afternoon, but from the comfort of our love-seat in the air-conditioned living room. Never turned a wheel, never encountered a salesperson, and best of all, never bought a car!


Secondary Roads said...

That's the best kind of shopping. My '97 Dodge Intrepid should have another 15 years of service left it. Perhaps even more,

Vee said...

Just think of the pretige you would have had. Maybe you should reconsider.

Lin said...

Wow. That's crazy!! That's nearly what we paid for our house way back when!!

Well, it was fun to dream, wasn't it?

vanilla said...

Chuck, the best kind of shopping: no money changes hands. Learned this as a young man who had no money. Window shopping, we call it.

Vee, right. Two people (besides us) would notice: the salesperson and the banker.

Lin, yeah, I guess it is an exercise in how "the other half" lives. Crazy for sure.

Sharkbytes said...

i could almost tolerate that kind of shopping

vanilla said...

Shark, definitely the best way to "shop."