Monday, November 28, 2016

The Joys of Being Connected to the World

One of "those calls" of the sort you always get at mealtime.

     "David, I am callink about your computah which have a virus. Okay?"

     "No, it is not okay!"   CLICK

Well, the guy gave me the perfect setup for that one.

Not quite as slick as my "grandson" who was calling from The Dominican Republic where he was incarcerated, and could I help him with bail money?  

My oldest grandson.

There's a clue.  Doubt that young'n has ever so much as heard of The Dominican Republic.


Grace said...

When I actually answer these calls, and depending on my mood, sometimes it's such fun to play along...Because my husband has one child who is married to a jerk and they live a peripatetic life I always worry that he will get one of those 'wire money' calls and fall for it.

KC Bob said...

I generally just give the caller a one liner, like "I don't give money over the phone", and hang up. No sense having a conversation with them as they are not interested in conversation.

vanilla said...

Grace, my mood determines my response, too. Sometimes I horse around with them, other times I hang up immediately.

KCBob, it is precisely because "they are not interested in conversation" that I sometimes string them out-- wastes their time to get to the next victim, and I wasn't likely doing anything anyway. ;-)

Lin said...

If I am in the mood, I mess with them. But most times, we don't even answer the house phone anymore. We only have it to keep the cable bill low and the cable company sells our number to make money. I guess it's a win-win??? I dunno. Its days are numbered.

vanilla said...

Lin, you don't get unwanted calls on your mobile? I may dispense with the landline, too; no one ever calls anyway.

KC Bob said...

Samsung and Sprint both have a great feature that adds these unwanted calls to a reject list. Google voice also has a blocking capability as well.

Vee said...

I'm really quick with the hang-ups. Sometimes Hubby listens. I've decided he is way too lonely in his retirement.

vanilla said...

Vee, you might be missing some good entertainment, though I understand that those interruptions can be truly aggravating.