Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wind. Again

Last night I listened to the forecast: Storm to begin about one a.m.  Severe winds up to eighty miles per hour; much rain, possible hail up to two inches in diameter. tornado watch.

I prayed the Lord would protect the sixty million people who might be under this threat.

I snapped off the tv and went to sleep.  At one o'clock I heard the rain battering the house; BBBH came up and told me to come downstairs.  The next-door-neighbor was going up the street knocking on doors to warn people of "possible 100 mile per hour winds."

To please the Lady I came downstairs, cleaned the oil lamp and trimmed the wick, went to bed.  Sleep?  I think not.  Wind?  Yes, indeed, but nowhere near eighty mph.  Rain?  Bucketsful.

Morning assessment:  No damage on our premises and sixty mile winds gave us lots of rubble a year ago.  However, it was reported that ten miles to the west of us there were winds near 100.

Man, am I tired and sleepy.

A bit over two years ago I posted the following story under the title "Wind."

Wide awake, body desperate for sleep.  The mind kicks into gear.  These words of Jesus impinge themselves upon my consciousness:

The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: John 3:8a (KJV)

And finally sometime before dawn I slept a bit.  Yet I will have a long morning, nodding and groggy, for I was short-changed of sleep.

The scripture quoted here is wrested and wrenched from context, such doings being the sport of many Christians who are too concerned with finding a tidbit in the Bible that seems to support what they want to believe.  But that is another chipmunk running across the trail.  The big game to be pursued here is this.  The third chapter of John recounts the incident in which Nicodemus sought Jesus out by night and asserted that he knew that Jesus was from God.

Jesus outlines precisely what one must do to enter the Kingdom, stating that one must be born not only of flesh, but he must be born again, in the Spirit.

The entire message of salvation is delineated in this chapter.

WOOO.  WOO.  Weee.  The wind still blows. And the truth of Christ's teaching still endures, and shall endure aeons after this wind ceases.


Vee said...

While living in tornado country, it would be difficult to sleep with the wind howling. Glad all is well now.

Secondary Roads said...

It is difficult to sleep when your house is being buffeted by the wind.

Grace said...

I love the sounds of storms and winds - the damage they do, not so much.

vanilla said...

Chuck, that it is. Sometimes we are buffeted by the storms of life to the point of being ill at ease, too. But we have a Refuge.

Vee, all is not well, but a few missing roofs, branches, and some downed power linesI is pretty minimal damage and we were not the recipients of any of those.

Grace, I like to sit in the sun, watch the lightening and listen to the thunder and wind, but three a.m., not so much.

Lin said...

Ooh,I do not like the wind. It does so much damage and there is nothing you can do about it but hunker down and pray. Seems there were tornadoes that touched down a ways from here too.

vanilla said...

Lin, no matter the music it plays, the wind can be downright frightening. The day after the storm we drove to hospital, passing a very large and quite new pole-barn. Its roof was lying intact about fifty yards east of the barn.