Monday, June 6, 2016

Celebration of Life

locally was scheduled from 1:30 to 3:00 with service to begin at three o'clock.  

I arrived about 2:40 and spoke with the children of the deceased and with my grandchildren.  At five til three I told the lady's daughter I would be staying for the service; then I seated myself with my grandson and his family

3:00 and nothing was happening other than the low murmuring of the people chatting with one another all across the room.  3:01 the funeral director  came into the room, moved a podium and microphone front and a bit right of center, stage right and to my left.  He unfolded a tapestry-style antimacassar over the top of a chair near the wall.  It was lettered


and there sat the chair, empty.

3:30  I exited the room in favor of the small room because an old man can go only so long without going.  In a few minutes I returned to my seat.

3:46 the minister arrived.   She walked to the casket as shown in the first illustration, perhaps to say a prayer.  She then walked to the podium and started by apologizing for her tardiness, which served to delay the service yet longer.

The message itself was appropriate, scripture Luke 16:19-31. 
 The lady's attire consisted of black slacks and white blouse with a short black sweater, the hem of which fell well above her waist.  The blouse hanging outside the trousers was buttoned cockeyed such that the front left hem was three inches below the right and the collar was hiked higher on one side than on the other. 

Was I distracted from the proper focus of the gathering?
Not really.  I am just very observant and good at multitasking.

RIP  Diane


Secondary Roads said...

I was going to comment, but find myself at a loss for words.

vanilla said...

Chuck, if you feel I need to be chastised for posting this, go ahead. I allowed considerable time to pass while the original hand-written account lay dormant in my notebook. I finally chose to post it, not because there is anything funny about it but because the incident is illustrative of the human condition. Perhaps it is more a commentary on the author?

Grace said...

I hesitated to comment initially - I won't tell you the first thing that crossed my mind - but I am left with the reaction of - that minister was disrespectful.

vanilla said...

Grace, I thought there was displayed a certain lack of professionalism.

Lin said...

At that late time...the mind does start to wander from the event at hand. And then, while you are waiting for her just notice things. Not bad on your part...but on hers for being so tardy and unprepared.

People remember those sorts of things in emotional situations. Shame on her.

Sorry for the loss of your loved one.

vanilla said...

Lin, thanks; you always seem to "get" me.

Vee said...

I can remember when being ordained to ministry followed being called by God. I have come to believe it is now often a job choice and that being "hip" is the most important part of the job description. As the world becomes more and more hopeless, the church seems to follow.

Yes, I'm judging everything about this - tardiness, inappropriate clothing choice, frumpiness. Wow. I don't even look frumpy when I do house work (and neither does your BH).

I feel that God is disrespected when a minister stands in the pulpit dressed as though headed for a golf outing or cutting a lawn.

'Nuff said.

vanilla said...

Vee, agreed. Man said to me before the start of a funeral "If pastor comes in dressed in a suit and tie, he will be showing more respect to the dead than he shows to God on Sundays." Beautiful black suit and charcoal tie. Don't know that there is any correlation, but the man no longer attends the church.