Wednesday, June 15, 2016


A couple of days ago I was on about my aversion to "take it to the next level."  Last night I was reading the newspaper and came across another cliche that sets my teeth on edge.  This one is heard on a daily basis on tv newscasts, *growl* but now it has crept into the print media.  Is there no hope for us?

The offensive line? 

"We reached out to . . . "  Of course we left a message but the source we wished to contact did not return our call.  Smart source, unless someone wants to be misquoted in the press.

Here's an idea, Ms. Reader, or Mr. Reporter as the case may be.  Why don't you "reach out," grasp your throat firmly with your hand and throttle yourself?

Rant over.

have you smiled today?


KC Bob said...

"Working for you" is another byline that annoys me.

Secondary Roads said...

Yes, I smiled today. Especially when I read your "reach out" advice.

We should avoid cliches like the plague.

vanilla said...

KC Bob, yes; and another particularly annoying line, esp. in commercials, "thousands of people just like you." But I ranted about that earlier on STSTT.

Chuck, always happy to induce a smile. Watch it, though, as to what you avoid.

Vee said...

I'm offended when someone says to me, "I hear you." Really?

vanilla said...

Vee, I hear that a lot. Or is that "alot."