Friday, June 10, 2016

We've Done It Again!

For anyone who might be interested, and for the record,  Two days ago I had my second cornea transplant; the first one was done four and one-half years ago.  In that eye I have near-perfect vision.
The specialist advised me that I should not expect that result in this eye due to the trauma suffered this winter.  He did say the vision would be improved, a desirable outcome, but that the pain I have had for weeks would be gone.

Thursday the doctor removed the patch and examined his work.  He pronounced it "good."  I will be treating the eye with solutions until my next visit a week from now.
The pain is gone.  The vision is improved from "blank" to blurry but I can see well enough to navigate across the yard or across a room without bumping into things or stumbling on a step! Would I like it to be better?  Of course, but I am delighted with the vision I have.  Time, and probably glasses, will tell if there is to be more improvement.

 My BBBH guides us up the freeway whilst I recline.  (On my back for 24 hours.)

Almost home.

A huge "Thank you!" to Dr. Robert Deitch, the Midwest Cornea Associates, and Spring Mill Surgery Center and all the kind and concerned staff members that assisted me and the doctor.


Grace said...

WEll cheers for that ♡

Jim Grey said...

Heal well!

vanilla said...

Grace, yes. Encouraged.

Jim, thanks!

Secondary Roads said...

Looking good! A swashbuckler hat and a peg leg and you're are ready for talk like a pirate day.

KC Bob said...

So glad the pain is gone. Pray that the healing will continue.

Vee said...

It's great that there is improvement. We continue to pray for you.

vanilla said...

Chuck, patch is off now and I wear the shield only in bed. But, aaargh! anyway.

KC Bob, thanks for the prayers and for sharing in my rejoicing.

Vee, and thank you for that!

Lin said...

Ooooh, that is one snappy eye patch!

Hey...the pain is gone. THAT alone is excellent. Now...if you can get some vision back..that is a plus. I pray that you heal successfully and quickly. And that you don't trip over the Weiner Dog.

vanilla said...

Lin, isn't it just? I still wear it at night lest I do something stupid in my sleep, but I go about my days without it. That's how I am looking at it: Thank God for the relief, any vision is an improvement, and I have some. Very fuzzy, but I could walk around the house without bumping into stuff. Or tripping over the dog!