Monday, June 20, 2016

Respect and Love

"All my kids are too smart for their own good.  Sometimes I wish they would dummy up."

I heard that and I knew what she meant.  It does not mean she wants them to quit talking to her; she simply wishes they would quit talking long enough for her to express her feelings or thoughts on the subject.  But, "No-o-o; they know everything."

 I have heard the old saw, "When they are young your children walk on your feet.  When they are older they walk on your heart."

I don't believe for the most part that they intend to walk on your heart.  It is simply a case of being too smart for their own good.  And thoughtless.

May all your familial relationships be bright and fulfilling.


Secondary Roads said...

Thank God, no problem like that in our house. Our sons have always been respectful and loving.

vanilla said...

Chuck, I hope you correctly interpret this as an observation of a circumstance some people deal with. We, too, are blessed with loving children, even if some are a bit hard-headed. Heredity, you know.

Vee said...

So true that a mother's heart is always with her children.

vanilla said...

Vee, in most cases, true.

Lin said...

Sometimes family relationships can hurt the heart. Words from a child...or parent...tend to sting a tad more than from more distant relationships. Tough stuff this parenting thing...and being an adult "kid."

vanilla said...

Lin, when we love someone we give them the power to hurt us deeply. Where we love and love is reciprocated hurts may occur, but love and patience and forgiveness will resolve the problem. Or so I believe.

It is tough to be sixty years old and realize your parents still think of you as a "kid." But we have loved sixty years --you are still a kid. But we need to respect the fact that you are an adult, too.